Storage tins & buckets

Choose from a stylish collection of storage tins and buckets for the home and garden to celebrate a 10 year wedding anniversary.

Whether you need a bread bin, or a tin to store those biscuits and cakes, these designs will add style to your storage solutions.

Silk – ladies’ fashion

Elegant and feminine, silk jumpers, cardigans and camisoles add a touch of luxury to any lady’s wardrobe.

With a range of colours and styles to choose from, these flattering designs will appeal to everyone, and will make the perfect gift for a 12th wedding annversary in keeping with the silk tradition.

Seasonal guide to British flowers

A designer tea towel for a special gift for a 4th wedding anniversary, with a twist on the traditional flower theme.

A Seasonal Guide to 63 British Garden Flowers, this unbleached organic cotton tea towel also includes sowing information for each flower. The perfect gift for anyone who loves flowers, gardening, or simply a touch of colour in the kitchen. If you think it’s a shame to use it to dry the dishes, why not frame it?

Designed and made in the UK, measuring 76cm x 48cm.

Cotton apron for aspiring gourmets

This stylish organic cotton apron, designed by Stuart Gardiner, makes a unique and memorable cotton gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary.

The illustration shows a month by month guide to which British fruits and vegetables are in season, so you can cook when ingredients are at their best. This cute greengrocer shop-front design is designed and made in the UK.

Designer copper gifts

Looking for a copper gift that’s a bit special?

Find unusual copper gifts for the home, garden or personal gifts including jewellery, in this stylish range.

Choose from a variety of copper products for him and her, and you’ll have a special present to remember your 9th wedding anniversary.

Copper cookware

Copper is well known as a superior conductor of heat and so it’s a popular choice amongst professional cooks and chefs.

A selection of copper saucepans and frying pans will be a great wedding anniversary gift that will last for years.

For the couple that love Indian food, how about a set of authentic copper tableware?

Alternatively, choose a stylish kettle or toaster - or even a set of storage canisters for tea, coffee and biscuits – for a copper coloured gift.

The perfect choice for any couple for a 9th wedding annversary gift.

Silk clothing and accessories

There’s something about silk that says luxury. So a 12th wedding anniversary gift of silk is a real treat, whether it’s for him or her.

Silk lingerie and nightwear will always go down well with the ladies. And for the gents, there’s silk pyjamas or dressing gowns.

For daywear, how about silk scarves for her – there’s hundreds of colours and styles to choose from. Alternatively, a silk dress or blouse will be a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

For him, a silk tie, perhaps matched with cufflinks, will make a stunning 12th wedding anniversary gift he’ll remember.

Apple electronic gifts

For any fan of technology and great design, keep the fruit theme in mind and invest in a 4 year wedding anniversary gift that offers a twist on the traditional theme.

Choose from an Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod or from a huge range of branded accessories.

A great gift for him or her, that will remind them of that special date each time they switch on.

Wine and champagne gifts

Celebrate a 15th wedding anniversary by splashing out on a luxury wine or champagne gift.

Or how about a personalised bottle with your own special label or an engraved message etched onto the front?

Choose from red, white or rose – or maybe choose a wine from a country that you’ve visited and that holds special memories.



Woollen rug

Bring some warmth to your home with a genuine woollen rug.

Anything from a sheepskin rug to drape over your sofa for some extra luxury in the evenings, to a contemporary design rug for the living room or bedroom.

Choose from thousands of designs, shapes and sizes, to add character to your home for a colourful 7th wedding anniversary present.